One system, easy to use

We want you to have a positive experience from beginning to end whenever you use Metro’s services. That means designing simple and smart—everything from information about your trip, ways to go to and from Metro service, and facilities and programs that make moving about the system pleasant and safe.

We’re planning to improve all aspects of the transit system to make your ride with us—and your life—simpler and easier.

What we’ll do:

  • Deliver real-time information about more things (bus arrivals, seat availability, delays and re-routes, etc) to more customers.
  • Enhance wayfinding throughout the system and improve tactile and auditory information.
  • Make it easier to walk and bike to transit by investing with partners to fund hundreds of miles of new trails and paths, sidewalks, and bicycle parking facilities at transit hubs around King County.
  • Make the best use of our park and rides to maximize ridership through strategies such as parking permits, paid parking and real-time parking availability information.
  • Work with Sound Transit and other partners to increase park-and-ride capacity by up to 50 percent by 2040
  • Improve customer comfort and safety by investing in 4,500 accessible bus stops, shelters, stations and transit centers.
  • Making boarding easier and faster.