Express Service

Express Service

Metro analyzed three bus service networks that emphasize different styles of service—frequent, express, and local—to see how they would perform in King County communities in 2040. Ultimately, the network proposed in Metro’s Long-Range Plan will be a combination of all three types of service.

Key Features of Express Bus Service

  • I can catch my bus at a transit center or park-and-ride
  • My bus takes me directly between my nearest transit hub and major job centers all day
  • My bus is fast and reliable because it travels on high-speed corridors with HOV lanes, bus-only freeway ramps and make few stops
  • I plan my train ride to meet the express bus service so I can quickly get to the town I’m going to

The information below shows how a network that emphasizes express bus service performs on key measures, such as how accessible the service is to where people live and work, how many people will use the service and what the service will be like.

This information will help planners and the public understand the tradeoffs associated with each type of service. View a map of a bus network that emphasizes express bus service.


How do the different networks compare?


Express Service Distribution


Frequent Route
Express Route
Local Route
Existing & Future Link Light Rail
In Planning/Planned Light Rail
Sounder Commuter Rail
Activity Center in Metro Service Guidelines
Express Network Map