is King County Metro’s vision for bringing you more service, more choices, and one easy-to-use system over the next 25 years.

The King County Council adopted the METRO CONNECTS long-range vision on January 23, 2017. Thank you to the thousands of community members who helped shape the roadmap for providing world-class transit to our growing region.

County Executive Dow Constantine announced investments in the 2017-2018 budget that take steps toward achieving this vision, including more service and capital projects to better serve our growing population. Metro will be reaching out to the community as we continue to put our plan into action.


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Buses come more often, take you farther, faster


More RapidRide Lines

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26 new-generation RapidRide lines around the county, featuring state-of-the-art innovations and roadway improvements to keep buses on time.

All-Day Service

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A growing network of express buses, running every 15 to 30 minutes all day between areas where many people live and work.

Local Choices

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More local service including regular bus routes and creative new transportation options to meet community needs and connect people to the regional transit system.

Faster Travel

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Dramatic increase in investments that make transit as fast, reliable and efficient as possible, such as bus-only lanes.

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More choices for many needs


On Demand

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An evolving array of new service options like community vans that provide on-demand service, ridesharing apps, and partnerships with carsharing services.

Any Mode

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Projects to give you better, safer access to Metro service—new and improved sidewalks, trails and lanes for biking and walking, carpool and drop-off spaces, and parking for cars and bikes.

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One system that’s easy to use



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Coordination with transit agencies and cities to create one interconnected, efficient, easy-to-use transit system—including smooth transfers between Metro buses and Sound Transit’s high-capacity transit service.


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Improvements that enable everyone to use public transportation—like new options for people with disabilities, better wayfinding signs, wider aisles and doors, and audio and tactile signs.


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New types of service information and new ways to get it, first-rate customer assistance, and tools to simplify fare payment and speed up boarding.